Honey Badgers Have No Spirits– BOC Minutes 9/26

Hello There,

This week’s meeting was a little hectic, and we didn’t end up making it to ADVANCE, but nonetheless we had tons of fun and even a couple of kiddo’s got their patches. Next week, we are def making it to the lean-to, so come prepared!


In an effort to get people out quickly, we started with voting for gear early on.


Last week, Nate proposed 300 bucks for some rope, since our old ones are being retired. It PASSED! We are getting Sterling Ropes, which are world famous and local!


Sam also proposed $300 for axes and a few other trail related gear, but as it turns out, we already had/didn’t need what he originally proposed so instead he proposed $300 bucks for an assortment of gear that is needed for trail maintence. It PASSED


Alanna proposed  $300 for Meathead Films to come and premiere their newest flick on Oct. 10th. The Shred Club is also cosponsoring $100 for the event and it’s going to be SIICK.   It PASSED


The Current budget is about 23,500 which still includes the E-room budget as well.


Maine Appalachian Trail Club is doing a story on the BOC about our contributions to the AT back in 1913, when students did trail work to extend the AT from the whites to Katahdin.


This year’s trip to Katahdin is going to be the weekend of Oct. 12&13.


Acadia trip is NOT happening.

We are NOT  leaving from Merrill at 4:30

DO NOT Bring your rain gear.

DO NOT BOTHER Getting your gear together  DO NOT be ready to go! It’s going to be an amazing weekend!

DO NOT email mbakerwh@bates.edu with any last minute questions (but you can email him anyway, he’s quite friendly). 



Webmaster, do we keep ‘em?

What the position entrails:

Uploading the minutes

Adding pics,

updating info and keeping the website inline.


It offers people with different skillsets to be a director in the outing club. It can also be a stepping-stone for newer members to take on responsibility


No one really seems to want to do it.

It can be easily absorbed by another director if need be.


We are leaving the position open, email me at aprince@bates.edu if you want to be nominated. If no one wants it, then it will be absorbed (at least for the semester) by another director.


Gretchen is looking for volunteers to help out with a bike race in Freeport this Saturday. If you show up you get free schwag, buffalo wings and the opportunity to do something really nice. The ride benefits the Susan Curtis Camp, a non-profit organization. Look out for an email soon or email gkaija@bates.edu if you can’t wait.


Hansen’s Safety Minute:

Hansen taught us how to set a fire as red as his beard and it was CAPITIVATING! Apparently, if you are out and it’s a bit damp you can light some tinder by first rubbing it down with some good ol’ Chapstick. It’s petroleum based which means it makes the tinder much more flammable.


Alex says the E-room is closed because we are going to Acadia  reasons, so don’t show up unless you want to wait outside until Monday at 4:15


Katie our friend from Bates Dems brought voter registration cards, so be a responsible citizen and fill it out, unless you’re voting absentee from your own state!


Jake is holding treasure’s office hours in the E-room, he’s giving out free money, but only for those that have receipts! .


Amanda hosted another ladies night on the wall, it already happened and I am sure it was awesome because Amanda can do no wrong. She is probably going to be doing another one soon, so looks out for that email.


Larger shoes with at the climbing wall? Dana CK is coming with a new proposal next week. Get ready…


Bryan L wants 69 dollars for a slack line on the Clymb, Amanda points out that you can make it for cheap, so we are going to come back soon with a better proposal or possibly a new slack line if it ends up being less than $50.


A bunch of kiddo’s told stories, some for patches, some for fame:


Julian did some backwoods camping with his dad and bros. They were making the last of their freeze-dried food they saw a bear behind him. His dad spots the bear, throws the boiling water at it, but it doesn’t back off—instead it steals the food and runs off. Then, all they had was a half a jar of peanut butter and raisins and for an 8-mile hike. Yikes!


Jake went on a two-week camping/kayaking trip in North Carolina sound, they tried to get out early enough to miss the tide, but they ended up hitting it and it took four hours to get across. People were swearing and frustrated it was crazy! But all was good when they got the island and saw wild horses!


Julia S’ birthday always lines up with the first snow, last year it happened again and on a whim her and a friend decided to hike up Sunday River and build a snowman at 1 AM!


Euan was in Snowbird, UT getting the best snow of his life, four feet three days, he skied until the last lift, pushed it an extra run, but had to pee really bad! So when he finally got down he rushed to the bathroom, took his boots off   then realized he was in the ladies room, freaked out, ran off and some woman came after him to give him his glove back, AWKS.


Some nice girl, whose name I missed (Sorry!) was at her childhood camp in WI as a staff member. She led eight year olds on a hike on flat ground with no backpacks or anything, the kids started to complain.  But it was lovely to teach them about LNT, how to put up tents, and all about the wilderness. It was great to see little kids grow up and learn about nature and fall in love with it, just like she did!


Chrissy and her dad wanted to ride on a jet ski from NY to Canada. They went up the Hudson River skied up through the great lakes which was intense, but seems fun.  But then it got stormy, her dad couldn’t figure out the GPS or the Map and after getting soaked, experiencing a breakdown and running out of gas, they made it to a coast guard station and even they thought Chrissy and her dad were all kinds of cray. But they eventually made it, got in the local newspaper and she even wrote her college essay on it. Its probably the reason she’s at Bates right now (JK!)


Dan went on a five day canoeing trip at Moosehhead lake and on the way back they stopped at Bates to use the bathroom in Chase! It turns out, his trip leaders were Bates Alum. WORD.


Guen  was leading a trip of 6th grade girls when a curious one had to use the throne late at night. She thought it would be a good idea to take a peep inside and ended up losing her headlamp. She fished it out, and because of their dedication to LNT, the packed it up and brought it all the way home.  Both yucky and responsible.


And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for.








So be ready at the E-room Monday at 4:15 pm with your sweatbands and game faces on.


Congrats Guys!


Peace, love and peaks,



Get ready for meathead!


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