Pullendromes and Avalanche Beacons– BOC minutes 10/3

Hello there!

 This week we had a short meeting (but it was great nonetheless) and then a bunch of people ran off to advance for smores and fun.
Amanda is doing ladies night at the wall tonight at 7pm and she has new routes and bouldering set up too. You don’t have to be a lady to go, but you do have to wear a skirt. agoss@bates.edu
Radical Reels is heading to Portland on friday from 7-9pm, Sean is still excited, people are taking cars and potentially a van. email smurphy4@bates.edu for more deets. check out redintheshed.com to learn more about it.
Parents Paddle this weekend, tell your parents to sign up during registration. It’s a great way to show your parents what you’ve been up to so far this year!  email ccaldwel@bates.edu with questions
WFA sign up has 14 peeps so far, and if 2 more sign up everyone saves five dollars. You guys can then pool the savings to start a avalanche beacon fund. How safe would that be? email hjohnso3@bates.edu if you’re down. WFR is happening during short term if you’d rather wait it out.
Our budget is at $19,000 currently. This is with all of the purchases, clambake and the eroom budget already paid off.
Dana wants $120 for two pairs of larger men’s climbing shoes (sizes 10,11, or 12)
Jeremy stepped in and can help us getting a slackline for $37, much less than the $50 Bryan proposed last week and it PASSED
La Famillia de Allié Balterro is inviting anyone with a car or a ride to come with them to hike tumbledown during parents weekend. So if your parents aren’t going to be around, you should totally join in. abalter@bates.edu
Cyclecross is coming to Portland on Oct 13th and Chris is organizing a trip. He wants to take a bunch of people. Its a road/mountain biking event so all are welcome. There is a $20 reservation fee, but its totally worth it. copie@bates.edu
He is also doing another weekly ride leaving from 10 frye at 4pm on friday.
Ellie is taking people to Katahdin next weekend, respond to her email if you want to come. Its is one of the biggest trips of the fall and its tons of fun.  evangeme@bates.edu
If you are a council member please please please add yourself to list here. We want all members on here, past and present!
peace, love and peaks,
who’s ready for winter camping?

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