The E-Room is located in the back of Hathorn Hall across from Lane Hall. Hours are M W F from 4:15-5 PM. Someone does need to be there for you to get equipment out, as the keys cannot be loaned out.

Equipment is available for use from the Outing Club. A deposit is required to rent the equipment.

The deposit will be returned to you upon return of the equipment!

The deposit is $5 PER ITEM. The items must be returned within one week to the E-room.  Check with the E-room staff regarding the due date of items over breaks.

The E-Room has just about everything that you could ever need to do something in the outdoors. Nordic skis, Alpine skis, and all the accessories that you could imagine to go with, boats and boating accessories, climbing equipment, camping accessories, etc. Pretty much you name it, the E-Room’s got it. Maybe.

There’s also equipment for trail maintenance, and sports such as rock climbing and ice climbing (i.e. ropes, carabiners, harnasses, crampons, and ice axes) that is rented out for certain trips that are approved in advance. Particular items of interest may rented with special permission.