President: Josh Zimmer

Vice President: Grace Pezzella

Secretary: George Merrill

Treasurer: Audrey Wheatcroft

Treasurer in Training: Katie Hartnett

E-Room Director: Ian Hillenbrand and Noel Potter

Publicity: Hannah Tolan and Chris Crum

Webmaster: Hannah Tolan

Parliamentarian: Chris Crum

Safety: Patrick Tolosky

Hikes and Trips: Dan Paseltiner and Kristen Kelliher

Cabins and Trails: Adam Auerbach and Alfie Russo

Climbing: Callum Douglass and Koby Yudkin

Biking: George Merrill and Sarah Xiao

Hickory: Thorn Merrill, Justine Timms, and Emmett Peterson

Water Sports: Thorn Merrill and Kevin Deng

Surfing: Kevin Deng

Environment: Dani Klein

E-Room Workers: Becca Ferguson, Beanie O’Shea, Caitlin Keady, Keenan Shields, Paul Phillips, Hazel Cashman, Adair Andre, Doug McNab, James Pardo, and Alex Weissman