Room Reservations

Members of the Faculty, in connection with their courses and regular advisory functions, and recognized student groups are invited to make use of College facilities and services, subject to established policies. This online system allows for event scheduling, reserving resources for events, and for facilitating scheduling of campus events. Faculty are expected to use this system whenever they need space, equipment, or services not regularly assigned to them.  Classrooms are assigned by the Registrar for use during class hours during the first two weeks of the semester; for use at other times the online system should be used through the Student Activities Office located in Chase Hall.

To use any campus space go to  Information entered in the system includes a brief description of the event planned, its time, the space and/or services requested, the name of the sponsoring organization along with the individual making the request, and the type of publicity requested.  Once submitted, the event will be approved or denied by the appropriate offices, then the event is listed in the online schedule, and the facilities or services and announcements will be provided as requested.

It is important that requests for use or service be made at least one week before the time of the event to insure that the various offices may be notified of their obligations.  In unusual circumstances requests may be processed more quickly, but in such cases there should be a strong reason why the usual procedures could not be followed.  Events, which require publicity beyond the Bates campus, rely upon the efforts of the Communications and Media Relations Office.  They should be contacted as soon as the event is scheduled so as to enable the meeting of publication deadlines for the Monthly Calendar and semester calendar of cultural events.

It is not necessary to enter a separate request for every one of a continuing series of meetings or events, provided the time and place of the entire series are consistent. A “blanket” reservation may be entered in the online system for reserving facilities on a long-term basis.  The repeat reservation MUST be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.

The online system is available for consultation at all times at – it lists all events scheduled to date through the system, and should be checked before final planning of an event.  Whenever possible, significant events should not be scheduled in conflict.

For more information on reservation a space, please contact Dining Services