Weekend L/A Shuttle

The schedule below is for the free Lewiston/Auburn Shuttle.  Please be sure to check out the times and destinations.  Let us know if you have questions or concerns.The shuttle runs on Friday and Saturday nights from 6 pm – 12 am, and Sunday from 12 pm – 6 pm.  The shuttle runs to Auburn locations at the beginning of each hour, and runs to Lewiston locations on the half hour. As a special service we will be offering rides to and from Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary on Sunday afternoons.  The shuttle will go to Thorncrag during the 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30 pm runs through Lewiston.  The driver will only go to Thorncrag if requested, so if you are headed there be sure to let the driver know.  For more information on Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary go to:http://www.avcnet.org/stanton/thorncrg.htm For information on what is happening in Lewiston and Auburn check out the link below: http://www.laitshappeninghere.com/

Lewiston/Auburn Shuttle – Schedule
Friday & Saturday/Sunday
Chase Hall -depart 6:00/12:00 7:00/1:00 8:00/2:00 9:00/3:00 10:00/4:00 11:00/5:00
Walmart 6:10/12:10 7:10/1:10 8:10/2:10 9:10/3:10 10:10/4:10 11:10/5:10
Kohls/Starbucks 6:15/12:15 7:15/1:15 8:15/2:15 9:15/3:15 10:15/4:15 11:15/5:15
Auburn Mall/ Goodwill/ Panera/Shaws 6:19/12:19 7:19/1:19 8:19/2:19 9:19/3:19 10:19/4:19 11:19/5:19
Flagship/Jasmine Cafe/TJ Maxx 6:25/12:25 7:25/1:25 8:25/2:25 9:25/3:25 10:25/4:25 11:25/5:25
Chase Hall -arrive 6:33/12:33 7:33/1:33 8:33/2:33 9:33/3:33 10:33/4:33 11:33/5:33
Chase Hall -depart 6:36/12:36 7:36/1:36 8:36/2:36 9:36/3:36 10:36/4:36 11:36/5:36
Sea40/Lewiston Mall 6:42/12:42 7:42/1:42 8:42/2:42 9:42/3:42 10:42/4:42 11:42/5:42
Flagship Cinema/Lewiston 6:47/12:47 7:47/1:47 8:47/2:47 9:47/3:47 10:47/4:47 11:47/5:47
Lisbon Street – Public Theatre/ Forage/Mother India/Fuel/Orchid 6:54/12:54 7:54/1:54 8:54/2:54 9:54/3:54 10:54/4:54 11:54/5:54
Chase Hall -arrive 7:00/1:00 8:00/2:00 9:00/3:00 10:00/4:00 11:00/5:00 12:00/6:00

What is at each stop:

Walmart – In addition to one of the largest Wal-Marts in the state you can easily walk to Burger King or Lowe’s.

Kohl’s/Starbucks – Kohl’s is a great place to get clothes, pots and pans, bedding and more, and Starbucks is nice place to get a caffeinated beverage and some quiet time away from campus.

Auburn Mall/Goodwill/Panera/Shaws – The Mall has several stores – Pac Sun, JC Penney, Game Stop, Olympia Sport, Papa Gino’s, and a few others.

Flagship Cinema*/Jasmine Cafe/TJ Maxx – In addition to those listed you will find Bed Bath and Beyond, the Dollar Tree, Craft Mania, and several other stores.

Lewiston Mall/Sea40 – Sea40 is a great Japanese restaurant featuring Hibachi grills and freshly made Sushi.  The mall is pretty quiet, but there is a music store and Bull Moose Records.

Lisbon Street – This is one of the great new additions to the shuttle route.  The shuttle will pass along the route the Public Theatre, where Bates students get half price tickets with their IDs, as well as many great restaurants: Forage, Fuel, Mother India, Orchid and of course, Davincis.

* The Shuttle Driver can sell you reduced price tickets to see a movie at either the Lewiston or Auburn Flagship Cinema.