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Introducing Green Dot Bystander Intervention @ Bates College

Bates is excited to announce the launch of the Bates College Green Dot Bystander Intervention program. Green Dot is a comprehensive, strategic and research-based approach to violence prevention. Nationally, over 106 college institutions are Green Dot certified (see more on Green Dot efficacy in “Bystander Intervention Works!”).

Green Dot’s teachings, while primarily focused on eradicating power based personal violence, are applicable to everything from physical or sexual violence, to inappropriate language, to dorm damage and more. It utilizes peer to peer influence to shift and change cultural expectations. Green Dot focuses on creating two new social norms:

  1. Violence will not be tolerated in this community
  2. Everyone is expected to do their part.

Green Dot not only serves as a form of bystander intervention, but works to challenge and change cultural norms to prevent violence before it even occurs.

At Bates, we offer 1-hour Green Dot Overviews where students learn about Green Dot and basic skills for recognizing and intervening in potentially harmful situations. We also offer 5-hour Green Dot Certification Trainings that allow students to further explore and apply their intervention skills as well as confront personal, peer and situational obstacles that may hinder their likelihood to intervene, even when they want to.

“Nobody has to do everything, but everyone has to do something”

Learning Objectives for Green Dot at Bates:

  • To provide students with practice in identifying warning signs of high-risk or potentially harmful situations
  • To empower students to step into situations they recognize as potentially harmful in whatever way they feel most comfortable and safe
  • To give students several methods and levels of intervention
  • To identify and address obstacles that could inhibit students from intervening in difficult situations
  • To hold all individuals accountable for making Bates safer by diffusing potentially harmful situations and making it clear that violence is not tolerated
  • To create a safe community that is more likely to reactively intervene in high-risk situations and to proactively work to transform social norms to show that violence is not tolerated in the Bates Community and that everyone needs to play their part in keeping Bates safe

Compiled Campus Resources

Compiled Campus Resource List

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Bystander Intervention Works!

The “Green Dot” Bystander Intervention and Violence Prevention program is effective in reducing sexual violence, according to findings from a five-year study evaluating the program in Kentucky high schools:  Article/Research: ‘Green Dot’ Effective at Reducing Sexual Violence

Get Involved or Learn More!

To learn more about Green Dot, we encourage Bates community members to attend a Green Dot Overview. To find out other ways to get involved and for further inquires, please contact:

Blake Reilly (, Assistant Director of Residence Life

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