Information Regarding Travel Off-Campus

About Bates Insurance

  • Bates College’s property and auto insurance is provided by Travelers, liability insurance by United Educators, and travel accident insurance by The Hartford.  
  • When participating in Bates sponsored events/activities/programs and abiding by the necessary terms and conditions, the College’s auto and third party liability coverage applies and serves as the primary insurance responsible for damages incurred to the college owned or rented vehicles and to any injuries or damages to third party persons or properties.  However, students’ personal medical coverage applies and serves as the primary insurance responsible for personal medical costs.
  • Clubs are covered during academic breaks as long as the event is Bates sponsored.  Events are Bates sponsored when they are associated with an Official Bates recognized club or organization that has been approved by BCSG and/or they are associated with a Bates department.
  • When participating in any College sponsored event/activity/program such as a Bates Outing Club trip, Deansmen tour, Ultimate Frisbee tournament, etc. please make sure that you review and understand the terms and conditions of your personal medical insurance as some activities under your insurance may not be covered. If you have Cross insurance through Bates, you can visit the policy here or contact either Mike Parkin, or  Lisa Farrington, to learn more.


Travel Coverage

When traveling to and from a Bates sponsored event, the College’s auto and third party liability insurance will be in effect only if the following are followed:

  • Driver must be driving certified via Bates’ Driver Safety Certification process.  Driver Safety Certification must be renewed annually.
  • Vehicle must be owned by the College or rented through a bona fide rental company, i.e, Larry Stewart’s, Enterprise, etc.. Information on vehicle and rental options that qualify under the Colleges policy available to faculty and students can be found here.  Note: The College strongly discourages the use of a student’s personal vehicle for a Bates sponsored even.  If a personal vehicle is used, the College’s auto and third party liability insurance does not apply.  Responsibility will fall to the driver’s personal auto and health insurance providers, even if it is for a Bates sponsored event.
  • There are 12 or fewer passengers in the vehicle.
  • The program or event must be Bates sponsored and approved if it is an overnight trip.


Accident Procedures

In the case of an accident involving a Bates College motor vehicle:

  • Report accident immediately to the law enforcement authority within the jurisdiction where the accident occurred (9-1-1)  and to the Department of Security and Campus Safety at Bates College (207-786-6254).
  • Tend to the injured parties ensuring that everyone is out of further harm’s way.  Note: injured parties should be moved only by medical personnel except under the most unusual and crisis-like circumstances to prevent added trauma arising to the victim.  
  • Make no statement to anyone other than to law enforcement personnel or to the Bates College Director of Security and Campus Safety.
  • Make no statement about payment of damage.
  • Admit no liability.
  • Move the vehicle only when so instructed by police unless your best judgment under the circumstances is that moving the vehicle is the best and safest course of action.

Additional Important Information About Traveling and Bates Sponsored Events:

Prior to departing for travel, drivers should make sure that the insurance card and motor vehicle registration card are in the vehicle.

In the event of a medical or personal safety emergency that occurs off-campus, students should call 911 and/or proceed to a local hospital for immediate medical attention.

Incidents and accidents that occur off-campus should be reported to Security as soon as possible:

  • Security’s Maine Phone line: 207-786-6254
  • Emergency Phone line: 207-786-6111

Please plan to provide Security with as much information as possible, including student names and location(s).

Students facing an emergency issue while off-campus on a Bates sponsored activity may also contact Bates Security for guidance/assistance when appropriate. In the case of an emergency, Bates Security should only be contacted after local law enforcement and local medical attention has been provided if applicable.

For more information on Bates College accident and breakdown procedures, please visit security’s website.