• Are there keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs?
    Yes, you can visit the Google Docs Help Center for a full list of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Are there limits to sharing files?
    There are limits to the number of people with whom you can share Google docs, files, and folders and how many people can simultaneously collaborate:
    • A single Google doc, file, or folder can only be shared with 200 people including viewers, commenters, and editor (doesn't apply to public items).
    • Only 50 people can edit and view a spreadsheet, document, or drawing at the same time.
    If your needs exceed this limit, consider the following:
    • When possible, choose the "Public" visibility option.
    • Share the doc or file with the mailing list rather than individual people.
  • Can I access these files from my phone?
    There is a Google Drive app for Android and iOS. Some functions may not work fully on the mobile version like they do from your computer.
  • Can I log in from the Gmail page?

    Yes. To log in from Google, you should enter your full Bates email as the username and then press sign in. DO NOT enter your Bates password.

    This will bring you to the Bates Federated Authentication Service page, where you can enter your Bates username (not full email address) and Bates network password.

  • Can I share Google files with non-Bates email addresses?
    Yes, you can share Google files with anyone. They can have the ability to edit, comment or view, depending on the permissions you allow them.
  • Do Google Docs use spell check?
    Yes, the Google files have automatic spell check that will underline in red misspelled words.
  • How do I change permission levels for people with whom I have shared the file?
    When you click on the share icon in the top right, you can edit permission levels next to the space where you enter a person’s email address.
  • How Do I Create a Google Doc?
    In your Docs interface look at the top left and click and hold down the "new" button.  Slide your mouse down to choose either "Document", "Presentation", or "Spreadsheet".
    Once your document has been created, do a little exploring and see what you can do with it.
  • How do I export files from Google Docs to my computer?
    Open the file that you want to download. In the document, click on File > Download. Choose the format that you want the file to be in. To download multiple files, you can click on the files in the drive. In the More icon at the top of the page, choose download. Choose your file type and click download.
  • How Do I Get Started with Google Docs?
    Google provides introductory videos and a decent overview at
  • How do I import files into Google Docs?
    Next to the create button, there is a button with a picture of a hard drive that says upload. Click on it and choose the file or the folder that you want to import.
  • How do I save a Google Doc?
    The Google Doc files are saved automatically and frequently. You don’t need to manually save it.
  • How Do I Share a Doc?
    To share your document, open the document you have been working on and look in the upper right of the document and click and hold down the "Share" button.  Choose "Share with others".
    At the next screen, type in the email address of a person you'd like to share the "Doc" with.  Select the radio button "collaborators".  To invite more than one collaborator or viewer to your doc,  simply put a common after each address (with no space) and add another email address if you want. Then click "Invite collaborators".
    You'll then get a screen where you can type a message (or not).  Now click the "Send" button.  They'll get an email from you.  But you don't have to actually send them the email.  Once you click "Invite collaborators" you'll see their email addresses on the right side of your screen.
  • Is there a size limit to the Google files?
    Documents: 1,024,000 characters, regardless of the number of pages or font size. Uploaded document files that are converted to Google documents format can’t be larger than 2MB. Spreadsheets: 400,000 cells, with a maximum of 256 columns per sheet. Uploaded spreadsheet files that are converted to Google spreadsheets format can’t be larger than 20MB, and need to be under 400,000 cells and 256 columns per sheet. Presentations: Presentations created in Google Docs can be up to 50MB -- which is about 200 slides. Uploaded presentation files that are converted into Google presentations format can also be up to 50MB.
  • Is there a way to see the revisions that have been made on a Google file?
    Yes, go to File > Revision History. This will open a pane on the right hand side of the screen that will show you the changes that have been made based on time. For a more detailed view of the changes, click show more detailed changes at the bottom of the pane. To continue editing the document, click the x in the revisions pane.
  • What file types can I import into Google Docs?
    Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps, .pptx) Rich Text (.rft) Plain text (.txt) HTML (.html) PDF (.pdf) Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop (.ai, .psd) Autodesk AutoCad (.dxf) Apple Pages (.PAGES) Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) PostScript (.EPS, .PS) TrueType (.TTF) XML Paper Specification (.XPS) Comma-separated values (.csv) Tab-separated values (.tsv) OpenDocument Text (.odt) OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods) StarOffice (.sxw)
  • What is the difference between Google Drive and Docs?
    Google Drive is the space where your Google created files are stored. Here you can see all the files that you have personally created and the ones that have been shared with you. Google Docs are the programs that work with the files you create.