Check back for regular updates with details about Bates’ adoption of Google Apps for Education and related projects.

Meeting Maker to Google Calendarwhat to expect (and not)

Going Google – our occasionally silly, always informative, weekly campus emails leading up the great email and calendar migration. Need a refresher?  Go here.

Security & Privacy
Bates has carefully explored the data protection issues associated with moving email, calendar information, and other data to Google. After examining the Google Apps for Education contract and talking with technical experts, including those associated with other institutions that have adopted Google Apps, we are satisfied the Google environment is acceptably secure and the standard of privacy described in the Bates Computer Use Policy will be maintained.

Data Security
Data storage by Google involves redundant facilities around the US and the world, supported by an architecture that protects contents from intentional or accidental exposure. While no entity can assure absolute security, with their large team of security experts, Google offers much greater protection than Bates is able to offer.

Data Privacy
Google isolates their systems staff from our content, with Bates retaining ownership and access to the data in the case. All user rights and responsibilities as described in the Bates Computer Use Policy remain in full effect.