College Key Travel Funding

College Key makes available funding to assist students with career-related travel expenses. Priority will be given to students traveling to participate in Purposeful Work job shadows. Other career-related travel will be considered as funding allows. In general, travel to job interviews will not be funded.

Instructions: Students seeking reimbursement must clearly demonstrate:

  1. Financial need, although receipt of financial aid to attend Bates is not a prerequisite.
  2. How the opportunity will impact their career paths and goals.

Applications for travel expenses already incurred cannot be accepted. Reimbursement will be pre-approved and will be made after travel has been completed and the appropriate documentation (receipts and boarding passes, if applicable) is submitted to Bates Center for Purposeful Work.


The College Key Fund application for Job Shadows is due by November 30, 2018.

Application for College Key Fund Travel Reimbursement 2018-19


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