The Bates student

Innovative, engaged, principled.  Employers seek Bates students because they want critical, nimble thinkers with solid analytical and communication skills.


  • All students are required to produce a thesis in their majors (two if they double major)
  • A broad curriculum allows exploration in the arts, math and science, and social sciences
  • Double majors are common, even in divergent topics such as economics and studio art
  • Nearly 60 percent of Bates students participate in athletics

Locally engaged, globally focused

  • About two-thirds study abroad, one of the highest participation rates of any U.S. college or university
  • The Harward Center for Community Partnerships connects Bates students to the community through service learning

Supportive, principled

  • Bates fosters an environment of inclusion with groups and clubs for a wide range of student interests
  • Small groups and seminars offer opportunities for teamwork and collaboration

To learn how to connect with Bates students, contact the Bates Career Development Center.  Employers interested in posting job opportunities may also find more information here, or log into our online recruiting system, Handshake.