CDIP Sponsor FAQs

What is Career Discovery In Practice?

Career Discovery In Practice (CDIP) is a job shadow program that provides students the opportunity to see firsthand what it is like to work as a professional in a career they may be interested in pursuing.  Students spend time observing and working with employers to gain insight into careers.

How do I register for the program?

Registration for the 2013-14 program has closed. If you would like to consider signing on for next year or have questions about the program, please contact Karina Lemay, Career Development Program Specialist, at or 207-786-6467. Thank you for your interest! 

What do students do during a job shadow?

It depends upon the sponsor and the field of work.  CDIP participants may:

  • Take a tour
  • Conduct informational interviews with people in various specialties and different levels
  • Review company literature
  • Sit in on meetings
  • Assist with tasks
  • Ask questions about the field, the organization, training, coursework and career paths
  • Assist with actual projects (research, report writing, etc.)

What should I expect from my student?

The sponsor should expect the student to arrive on time, appropriately dressed and ready to spend the day learning, observing and asking questions.  Since the program is designed to provide students with exposure to a field, it is unlikely that the student will have relevant job experience.  Sponsors should keep in mind that the student is not a “temp” and therefore should not simply be assigned to clerical tasks throughout the day.  Students value the opportunity to perform meaningful tasks which give them insight into a field.

What can I expect a student’s substantive knowledge of my field to be?

Unlike a job or internship, students with no formal substantive professional experience are encouraged to apply.  CDIPs are open to students from all four class years.  We hope you will introduce them to the rewards and challenges of your chosen field.

If I volunteer, am I guaranteed a student?

A match is not guaranteed due to the number of factors that go into selection and matching.  However, if you are not matched with a student, there are still many valuable ways for you to offer career assistance including providing internship and job opportunities and conversing with students via phone or email about your occupation or career field.  For more information, please contact Karina Lemay, Career Development Program Specialist, at or 207-786-6467.

How does the selection process work?

  • After you register online, the information about your job shadow will be available for students to view and apply to beginning September 18.
  • Students may apply for up to three job shadow opportunities by uploading a resume and a statement of interest.  Please note that students are asked to submit a brief statement, not a formal cover letter.
  • On or about October 18, sponsors whose job shadows have drawn student interest will receive a link via email.  The link will allow sponsors to go online to view the application materials and to rank their preferences.  Rankings must be completed by October 24.
  • An algorithm will be used to match sponsors and students.
  • If you are matched, you will be notified by email on or about November 8.
  • Students are responsible for contacting their hosts by November 15 to schedule a mutually convenient time for the job shadow.

What are the job shadow dates?

The sponsor and student will pick a mutually convenient date between November 18, 2013 and May 23, 2014.

Am I expected to reimburse the student in any way?

The job shadow is unpaid.  Students are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation and food costs and arrangements.

What if I want to provide housing for the student?

Although not required, many sponsors are willing to provide accommodations for students in their homes and find that they enjoy the experience.  If this is not possible, students make their own arrangements for room and board.

How long is a job shadow?

It may last one or two days.  At the sponsor’s discretion, it may last up to five days, but this is not generally recommended.  In most situations, one day will be sufficient.

Must I consider the student to be a potential employee?

No.  CDIP is not about hiring students for a job or internship.  It is permissible, however, to inquire about their interest in any internships or jobs that your organization may offer.  The sponsor may keep in contact with the student upon completion of CDIP.

What are the important dates?

  • Sept. 6:                                      Sponsor deadline to register
  • Sept. 18-Oct. 9:                         Students apply for CDIPs
  • Oct. 18-24:                                Sponsors receive an email link to view information about                                                            students applying for their CDIP, and to rank preferences
  • Nov. 8:                                       Sponsors receive notification of matches
  • Nov. 15:                                     Student deadline to contact sponsor to arrange a date
  • Nov. 18, 2013-May 23, 2014:    CDIPs occur


Please contact Karina Lemay, Career Development Program Specialist, at or 207-786-6467.

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