CDIP Student FAQs

What is Career Discovery In Practice?

Career Discovery In Practice (CDIP) is a job shadow lasting one to two days offered by Bates alumni, parents, and employer sponsors across the country.  It provides students an opportunity to experience first-hand what it is like to work in a particular industry.  Students spend time observing and often working with employers.  Learn how a CDIP can benefit you and your career plans by reading some of the success stories from previous years!

Where do I find a list of  employers offering CDIPs and how do I apply?

For a list of organizations that will offer CDIPs this year, please click one of the following:

Students from all class years are encouraged to apply. Students may apply before the application deadline on October 9, 2013. The CDIP application process requires uploading your resume and a one-paragraph statement of interest for a particular job shadow onto JobCat.

Be sure to follow these helpful hints when applying:

1. Upload your resume in PDF format into the “Documents” section.
2. Upload your statement of interest in PDF format into the “Documents” section; choose “Other        Document” as the document type.
3. When you click “Apply” for a particular CDIP, you will see your statement of interest beneath            your resume; please check the box next to it for uploading.

Please refer to the CDIP Student Application Instructions for more details on how to applyIf you need assistance with logging into JobCat, please call 207-786-6232.

To seek guidance in preparing the required documents, please come to walk in hours at the BCDC Monday through Friday from 1-3 pm, at the Office of Intercultural Education on Mondays from 8-10pm, or at the Ladd Library on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm.  In order to increase your chances for being selected, we strongly recommend that you bring your documents to the BCDC for feedback in advance of the application deadline.

Participation depends on the availability of the host that you select and their ranking of your resume and statement of interest (rankings are determined by whom the sponsor believes to be the best fit for the opportunity).  

Why should I participate in a CDIP?

Job shadows provide an essential opportunity to test drive a career or occupation.  It also can help you get a foot in the door in a competitive field.

What do students do during a job shadow?

It depends upon the sponsor and field of work.  You may:

  • Take a tour
  • Conduct informational interviews with people in various specialties and different levels
  • Review company literature
  • Sit in on meetings
  • Assist with tasks
  • Ask questions about  the field, the organization, training, coursework and career paths
  • Assist with actual projects (research, report writing, etc.)

What is the best way to prepare my resume for a CDIP?

If your resume has not been reviewed by a BCDC staff member or a Career Development Fellow, we strongly recommend that you come to walk in hours to seek feedback — no appointment needed!  Click here for a schedule of hours.  You can also schedule an appointment with a counselor by calling 207-786-6232.  If you do not have a resume, download the BCDC Resume Writing Guide to get started.

What is a statement of interest?

A statement of interest is brief—one or two paragraphs—and tells the sponsor why you are interested in the particular CDIP.  Click here for a sample statement of interest.

It is helpful to mention why you are interested in the field, what experience or coursework you have had in the subject area, and how you would benefit from the CDIP. Of course, you should make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your statement. Please read the CDIP description carefully.  Look closely not only at the specific industry, but at the occupation of the sponsor.  Just because a sponsor works in the field of education, this does not necessarily mean that the job shadow offered has to do with teaching — it may be related to human resources, fundraising, communications, etc.

How long is a CDIP?

It will last one or two days.  Occasionally, a CDIP may be of longer duration at the sponsor’s discretion.  CDIPs must be completed between November 18, 2013-May 23, 2014.

Will housing, transportation or meals be provided?

No.  You are responsible for arranging and paying for all of the above.  Sometimes sponsors generously offer to house a student during their CDIP and will indicate this information on the job shadow description; however, in general you must be prepared to find your own housing.  A limited amount of funding is available to reimburse the travel costs of students who otherwise would not be able to participate.  If you are matched to a CDIP, you will receive an application for travel funding with your notification.  All applications for travel funding are due November 1.

How do I apply for reimbursement for travel costs?

Information about applying for this reimbursement will be emailed to students along with their match information on or about October 28, 2013. The deadline to apply for reimbursement funding is November 1, 2013.  Any late requests will only be considered if funding is still available.

Will I get paid for doing a CDIP?

No, it is unpaid.  There is no academic credit associated with the CDIP.

Can I apply to more than one CDIP?

Yes.  You may apply to up to three CDIP offerings.

What happens after I apply?

Once you have applied through JobCat, your sponsor will review the applications received and rank them in order of preference.  An algorithm will be used to match students with job shadows.  If a match is made, we will notify you and provide you with your sponsor’s contact information.  It is your responsibility to contact your sponsor by November 15 to set up a date for your CDIP.

What is the timetable?

  • Sept. 18:                    Students may log on to JobCat to view and apply for CDIPs
  • Oct. 9:                        Student application deadline
  • Oct. 28:                      Students are emailed their matches and information about applying for                                      travel reimbursement funds
  • Nov. 1:                      Deadline to apply for travel reimbursement funds
  • Nov. 6:                       Students notified of reimbursement funding decisions
  • Nov. 8 at noon:          Students must confirm acceptance of CDIP with BCDC
  • Nov. 15:                     Deadline for students to make contact with sponsor to arrange for a                                          date for CDIP
  • Nov. 18-May 23:        CDIPs occur
  • TBA:                           CDIP wrap up event

Will the sponsor offer me a job?

Keep in mind that CDIP is not about getting a job or internship out of your experience.  It is permissible to express interest in internship opportunities that the organization may offer in the future.  If your host asks about your interest and/or inquires about your plans, feel free to share such information.

What happens if I am not matched?

If you are not matched, there are still many opportunities for you to connect with alumni and parents.  Join the Bates Online Community to connect with alumni and parents who want to share their career knowledge and expertise.  In addition, please visit BCDC for information on student resources, events, and career opportunities.

Questions?  Contact Karina Lemay, Career Development Program Specialist, at or 207-786-6467.

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