About LADD Internships

“The internship met my expectations because I foresaw a friendly open work environment, passionate coworkers, and working on topics I enjoyed studying. I am pleased to say I was never dreading to go to work, I was never really bored, and I never was looking at the clock! I knew beforehand that most interns are put to the more basic managerial tasks which was understandable of course but also realized I would get out as much as I put into the experience. I think I was fairly successful in exploring other departments and making myself known to the other departments in the organization.” - 2013 Intern

“The Ladd Program is a massive differentiator for Bates and, more importantly, it provides the students with a tremendous opportunity to obtain real world working experience and, hopefully, parley this experience into a full-time position.” -2013 Sponsor

  • Internships are available to students who have completed their junior year by Summer 2014.  Many internships are available to sophomores.
  • For-profit placements pay their interns directly the full amount of their summer earnings. All students receive a minimum stipend of $4,000 although each employer is free to pay the student more than that amount.  When the internship is completed, Bates will issue the placement a reimbursement check of up to $1,500, if needed by the employer.
  • Interns employed at non-profit organizations receive a stipend of $4,000. Payment is made directly to the student by Bates College in three installments.
  • Because of the Short Term Unit at the end of the academic year, many  students are available to work for four consecutive months, beginning in late April.
  • Other paid and grant-funded internships are available and may be viewed on JobCat and through the subscription sites available to Bates students such as Liberal Arts Career Network, Nationwide Internship Consortium and others.
  • Additional funds for unpaid or low paying internships may be available in early 2014. Check back here for details.

In Summer 2013, 16 organizations sponsored Ladd interns from Bates.  Interns are responsible for their housing and travel costs.

American Legacy Foundation (Michael Aarsnow ’14), Bicycle Coalition of Maine (Emily Depew ’14), Biotechnology Industry Org (BIO) (Sarah Dik ’14), Cubist (Shelby Sullivan ’15),
DuPont (David Kurey ’15), EPA / Region 1 (Catherine Dioli ’14), Eze-Castle (Chris DeBrase ’14), Gulf of Maine Research Institute (Tra La ’14), Lee Munder Capital (Jivko Kozarov ’14),
Maine Medical Center (Taylor Kniffin ’14), NOAA (Cody Jenkins ’14),
Open the Door, Inc. (Matt Ferren ’14), Oxfam America (Emily Roseman ’15),
Population Services Internaional (PSI) (Erin Kelley ’14), TM Capital Corp (Zach Polich ’15), Westfield Capital Management (Matt Cannone ’15)

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