How To Apply

Ladd Internships are now available for application on JobCat.

Most Ladd internships require a resume and cover letter in order to apply. Some employers also ask for a writing sample or other documents.  Please be sure to read the entire position description and follow all instructions.  Failure to do so may result in your application not being considered.  If you are studying abroad please mention this in your cover letter and request whether a phone or Skype interview is possible. All Ladd interns are paid at least $4,000 for the summer. Some Ladd interns earn more than that. Interns are responsible for their own travel and housing costs.

The application deadline for MOST internships is February 23, 2014. Some internships may have earlier or later deadlines. Please read the posting carefully and note this information.

Students are strongly advised to have their resumes and cover letters reviewed by a counselor or career development fellow before applying. This may be done during walk-in hours: M-F from 1-3p.m. at BCDC, W from 7-9pm in Ladd Library, or M from 8-10 pm at OIE.

At a minimum, you should download and read our resume and cover letter guides found under the Student tab on the BCDC home page under “How-To Guides”.

If you are selected for an interview, prepare in advance.  A great way to get started is to use Interview Stream, accessible from our homepage at  Login on the home page and select “Interview Webinar” or try one of the practice interviews.

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