What Can I Do With a Major in Anthropology?

The discipline enables students to achieve cultural competence in the broadest sense of the term — the ability to function effectively in complex environments, to analyze material from their own and other cultures, and to appreciate the value of the cultural diversity that exists in our world.

-Bates College Anthropology Department

Related Careers

  • Medicine:  Public Health, Medical Assistant, Contract Implementation
  • Advocacy:  Law, Community Organizing
  • Government: International Development, Foreign Service, Urban Planner
  • Education:  Teaching, Administration, Director
  • Museums:  Education, Archeology,  Archivist
  • Business:  Product Development,  Marketing
  • Communication:  Linguist, Technical Writer, Reporter, Ethnographic Photographer
  • Human Services:  Advocate, Administrator, Intercultural Educator, Grant Writer, Mental Health


  • Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
  • The Telling Room (writing project)
  • Center for International Policy
  • United Way of Greater Portland
  • Harvard University, Health and Psychology Department, Research Intern
  • New England Consortium on Assessment and Student Learning
  • Nomura Securities
  • Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project