What Can I Do With a Major in Economics?

Intelligent citizenship makes increasing demands on an individual’s knowledge of economics. Policy makers in business, government, and the nonprofit sector must frequently evaluate complex economic issues. The goal of the economics curriculum is to educate students, both majors and nonmajors, about the ideas of economics and how they apply to today’s world.

Related Careers

Economics majors pursue careers in many different areas, including businesses, law, medicine, government, non-profits, and international relations, as well as academic and teaching positions.   While economics  majors often land in jobs that are oriented toward quantitative analysis (budget, marketing, finance, etc.) many land in consulting and strategic areas of all kinds of businesses.

Corporate Careers

Many economics majors pursue employment in the private sector in a broad range of businesses, including management consulting, marketing, business services, insurance, technology, finance, investment banking, retail and more . Some pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), but many land in fulfilling careers based on their undergraduate experiences.

Economic Consulting

Economists with bachelor’s degrees pursue positions as research associates in economic consulting firms. Consultants advise firms on business strategies, prepare economic evidence for court cases, and develop analyses to support and influence public policy. Careers in economic consulting are particularly well suited for individuals with strong quantitative and analytical skills.

Law and Other Professions

Economists trained in careful reasoning and analytical thinking can find that careers in law are a good fit.  Work may include paralegal work, or practicing law as an attorney.

Government and Non-profits

Governments hire economists for their facility with statistics and analysis. Non-profits need competent financial analysis and management, and often seek economics majors to fill those positions.

Professors, Teachers and Researchers of Economics

Some economists pursue graduate study and academic careers, focusing on economic theory, and teaching and writing about economics as a career.