What Can I Do With a Major in Sociology?

The methods and substantive areas of sociology provide an excellent background for a broad range of careers in fields such as government, public policy, law, social research, community work, social activism, health care administration, human services, social work, counseling, education, business, personnel, advertising and market research, as well as a strong foundation for graduate study in sociology and a variety of applied or related areas (including law school; social work; public health; business school; public policy and public administration programs; urban and community planning; health care administration; education; survey research administration; and journalism school).

Related Careers

  • Business
  • Human Resources and Marketing
  • Education
  • Government and Public Policy
  • Health Care
  • Law and Criminal Justice
  • Media, Journalism and Communications
  • Social Change Advocacy
  • Social Research
  • Social Services and Counseling


  • Researcher, Local Foods for Lewiston
  • Internship, Eaglebrook School
  • Marketing Intern, Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
  • Intern, Ocean Spray Cranberry
  • International Human Rights Intern, The Protection Project, Washington DC
  • Summer Intern, Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes, Nepal
  • Legal Intern, Pine Street Legal Assistance
  • Intern, The New York Center for Children, NYC
  • Intern, Mercury Seattle, WA
  • Volunteer/Intern, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, Portland, ME
  • Intern, Lincoln County Healthcare, Damariscotta, ME