For Parents

We strive to partner with students and alumni as they empower themselves with skills and personalized strategies that will serve them for years to come.  Similar to the college search process, career development is highly individualized and requires significant planning and preparation.

Parents can encourage students to get to know us and our resources early in their college careers:

  • Career counseling – individual sessions as well as walk-in advising
  • Career Development Fellows meet with individuals who have been selected to partner with the BCDC staff to assist students as they launch the career exploration process
  • Career Resources Library – hundreds of online and hard copy career resources
  • Workshops – myriad programs on and off campus throughout the academic year
  • Employer Information Sessions and Interviews – the BCDC builds relationships with a diverse range of employers across various industries
  • Internships and Jobs we actively solicit and receive hundreds of internship and job opportunities in virtually every industry and field
  • Fellowships, Scholarships & Grants – we partner with the Graduate Fellowship Advisor  to help students prepare applications for many prestigious programs
  • Career Advisory Network – Bates alumni serve as career advisors on the Bates Online Community to share their own career stories and provide guidance

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