Get Involved

Support Your Child in the Career Development Process

Proactive students who take the initiative during their early years at Bates are much more likely to secure jobs, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities that will enrich and further the career development process.  We strongly encourage students to get to know the BCDC staff and its resources as soon as they enroll at the College.

We aim to meet students and alumni wherever they are in the career development process, and we assist them with crafting a customized plan.  The BCDC is committed to empowering all individuals with life-long tools and resources to support their unique preferences, strengths and goals at every stage.

Here are a few ways that you can assist us in supporting this endeavor

  • Support the unique paths and interests that your child follows
  • Encourage your child to visit with us soon after getting settled in as a first-year student – the BCDC plans events and programs that are specially designed for students who are new to career development
  • Refer your child along to our Career Development Fellows as a starting point – some students may welcome the opportunity to first make contact with a peer to ask basic questions
  • Incorporate strategic questions into your conversations on occasion:
    • “With which professors and academic departments have you become well-acquainted?”
    • “Which new student organizations do you plan to join/lead this semester?”
    • “Have you attended any events sponsored by the BCDC lately?”
  • Share your own career path stories – successes and challenges alike – with your child