Student Timeline

In order to maximize the internship experience, students will complete the critical steps below throughout the year. Students must complete these requirements in order to be eligible to apply to intern with core employers and to apply for a Bates stipendVisit the Purposeful Work Internship Program site in Lyceum to get started and to track your progress.

Self-Assess and Prepare (Deadline: March 1)

  1. Register with Handshake to complete your profile and to access internships, job postings and employer events
  2. Complete the Compass Personality Assessment, an assessment that recommends career paths based on personality and preference data
  3. Create a resume and visit the Bates Career Development Center (BCDC) for feedback
  4. Create a cover letter and visit the Bates Career Development Center (BCDC) for feedback
  5. Practice your interview skills via Interview Stream

Apply for Internships (October – May, individual timelines will vary)

Research and apply to internships (via Handshake or others you identify/create). As a participant in the Purposeful Work Internship Program you have access to core employers who want to hire a summer intern specifically from Bates. These are tagged with a “PW” in the title in Handshake. Beyond these designated opportunities, there are hundreds of other internships posted in Handshake that you can apply for and secure.

Note: while some industries develop and post summer internships as early as the fall, the vast majority of employers post and accept applications January – March, with additional hiring occurring through May.

Prepare for your internship (February – May)

  1. Complete an online module: Maximizing your Internship (coming soon)
  2. Submit pre-internship assessment (coming soon)
  3. Create personalized learning objectives (coming soon)
  4. If your internship is unpaid, submit application for Bates funding (Deadlines: March 15 and March 31), if desired (coming soon)

Maximize your Experience (April – August, individual times will vary)

  1. Work on employer-defined goals
  2. Complete weekly reflection activities (coming soon)
  3. Submit mid-point assessment (coming soon)

Self-Assess and Explore  (August – October)

  1. Complete post-internship assessment (coming soon)
  2. Submit reflection activities synthesizing learning gains made and relationships formed (coming soon)