Alternative Career Paths

If you are like many people who think about applying to law school, you may wish to use the following skills in your occupation:

Advocate, Counsel, Listen, Speak, Write, Negotiate, Interview, Analyze, Research, Solve Problems, Think Critically, Organize, Manage, Envision, Persuade, Appreciate Diversity and Cultural Interdependence.

There are numerous career options, other than practicing law, that utilize these skills.  Here are just a few careers to consider:

Mediation Public Relations
Conflict Resolution  NGO (non-governmental organization)
Community Relations  Public Interest
Community Outreach  Protective Services
 Foreign Service  Social Services provider
 Educational Administration   Compliance/Risk Assessment Management
 Teaching  Career and Executive Coaching
 Counseling  Diversity Training
 Government and Non-Profit  Admissions and Academic Advising
 Human Resources  Organizational Development
 Business Development  Recruiting
 Sales  Journalism
 Customer Relations  Development/Fundraising
 Training and Development  Campaign/Legislative Aide

If you would like information about alternatives to law school, please schedule an appointment with a counselor at the Bates Career Development Center by calling 786-6232.

Some law schools also offer degrees other than the J.D. or LL.M., such as a Master’s of Jurisprudence or Legal Studies, as well as Doctorate programs in Jurisprudence or Juridical Science. More and more law schools are now offering certificate programs to prepare non-lawyers for work in fields where legal knowledge would enhance their success such as healthcare and financial regulation.