Alternative Career Paths

If you are like many people who think about applying to law school, you may wish to use the following skills in your occupation:

Advocate, Counsel, Listen, Speak, Write, Negotiate, Interview, Analyze, Research, Solve Problems, Think Critically, Organize, Manage, Envision, Persuade, Appreciate Diversity and Cultural Interdependence.

There are numerous career options, other than practicing law, that utilize these skills.  Here are just a few careers to consider:

Mediation Public Relations
Conflict Resolution  NGO work
Community Relations  Public Interest Work
Community Outreach  Protective Services
 Foreign Service work  Social Services provider
 Educational Administration  Volunteer Coordinator
 Teaching  Career and Executive Coaching
 Counseling  Diversity Training
 Government and Non-Profit Work  Admissions and Academic Advising
 Human Resources  Organizational Development
 Business Development  Recruiting
 Sales  Journalism
 Customer Relations  Development/Fundraising
 Training and Development  Campaign/Legislative Aide

If you would like information about alternatives to law school, please schedule an appointment with a counselor at the Bates Career Development Center by calling 786-6232.

Some law schools also offer degrees other than the J.D. or LL.M., such as a Master’s of Jurisprudence or Legal Studies, as well as Doctorate programs in Jurisprudence or Juridical Science. More and more law schools are now offering certificate programs to prepare non-lawyers for work in fields where legal knowledge would enhance their success such as healthcare and financial regulation.