Graduate & Professional School Fair – For Students

Each fall, over 80 graduate and professional schools come to campus for the Colby, Bates & Bowdoin Graduate & Professional School Fair. Students, faculty, staff and the public are invited to meet with admissions representatives and learn about the variety of programs offered.

A Graduate School Fair provides a wonderful opportunity to speak personally with admissions representatives from a number of graduate and professional programs about your credentials, their admissions requirements and what distinguishes their program from other programs offered in the same field. Tip: Take a few moments before the fair to look at the list of attendees and their full descriptions of the programs they offer listed below — be sure to speak with admissions representatives from the programs that interest you.

Gray Cage
October 6, 2015
11:00 am – 1:30 pm
Lunch will be provided.

2015 Questions To Ask At A Graduate School Fair


  • What is the admissions selection process? What is the makeup of the admissions committee? Is selection made by the faculty of the specific department to which you are applying? Is selection made by a single faculty member? Or a committee? If selection is made by a faculty member, is the selection based on the faculty members desire to become the applicant’s graduate supervisor?
  • What are the programs goals and specialties considered to be? Knowing the answer to this question will help you assess how strong a candidate you are by comparing how well your strengths play to these objectives.
  • In what areas are your program strongest?
  • What do you look for in assessing an applicant’s character or personality?
  • What type of evidence do you look for in considering whether a student possesses special skills or interests that mesh with faculty research interests?
  • What tests are required for admission? What is the latest date they may be taken in order to be considered for Fall 2015 admission?


  • What are the programs’ areas of expertise? E.g., an Economics Department may offer expertise in labor economics as opposed to economic development.


  • Is graduate housing available?
  • Is off-campus housing available nearby?
  • Does the school help graduate students find housing?
  • What is the average cost of off-campus housing?
  • Is parking difficult? Is there a public transportation system?

FInancial Aid

  • What will it cost over __ years to attend this program?
  • How do most of your graduate students pay for the program?
  • How much scholarship money is available? What criteria are used to award scholarships?
  • Is parents’ income considered? How many awards are continued through to completion of the degree?
  • How does your school handle financial aid awards? Can I expect to know your aid awarded and proportion of loans/scholarships before I am required to pay a deposit?
  • What type of teaching assistantships are available?

Career Development

  • Where do students find employment?
  • Where do students typically go geographically?
  • Is there a network of contacts which could help students obtain jobs in a particular geographical area?
  • What resources do you provide to assist students in finding jobs?
  • Is there a career services office for graduate students?
  • How does the office work with alumni who request services?

This document has been based in part on a document from the Health Professions and Prelaw Center of Indiana University Bloomington and was used with permission.

2015 Questions to ask at a Law School Fair

  • What do you suggest that a visiting student do besides take a tour? How do I let the Admissions Office know of my visit?
  • Will you consider a December and/or February LSAT? (ask only if you planning on taking the December or February LSAT). If I plan to take the February LSAT, should I send in my application before my score is available?
  • How do you determine who will be waitlisted? What type of additional information is helpful to receive from a waitlisted student?
  • How heavily are factors besides GPA and LSAT score weighted for an applicant whose statistics fall in or below the 25th percentile?
  • What do you look for in a personal statement? Should I explain why I want to study law?
  • If you are interested in a particular area of law, or specific courses offered at the school, ask about the number of faculty who teach in that area, and whether or not all students who want to enroll in those courses are usually able to do so.
  • What percentage of your financial aid applicants receive aid? What percentage of the student body receives aid? What is the ratio of scholarships awarded versus loans?
  • Are there school or student organization-funded public interest stipends available for unpaid summer internships?
  • How does this particular school differ from other schools? (This question really gives them the opportunity to talk about the wonders of their schools.)
  • Where do graduates find employment? (locally, regionally, nationally)
  • What percentage of your class of 2014 is employed in JD-required full-time jobs?
  • Is the school committed to those students who are interested in public interest careers? How does it serve those students? Is there any loan forbearance for such careers?
  • How many firms interview at the school and from what parts of the country?