Bates Sponsored Internships and Shadowing Opportunities

Health professions schools are interested in applicants who are informed about the professions, are altruistic, compassionate and able to communicate effectively. Shadowing, volunteering, and internship programs provide opportunities to explore and to determine one’s suitability for the health professions.

Bates related and other local opportunities:

Shadowing, Internships, and Volunteering Opportunities, list of area health professionals who have agreed to allow students to shadow them, intern with them, or simply speak with them.

Career Discovery In Practice, CDIP, established in 1973, is a partnership among the Bates Career Development Center, students, parents and alumni through which students have the opportunity to participate in a one or two day job shadow.

Purposeful Work Internship Program, is a college-wide initiative built on the premise that preparing students for lives of meaningful work lies at the heart of the liberal arts mission. The program offers full-time paid summer internships, some of which are in the health professions.