Student Groups

Student organizations and clubs are available to all students at Bates College. If you’re interested in a group, visit their booth at the Activities Fair in the fall, look for posters announcing their meetings, or check the listings in the Bates Today, the daily electronic campus newsletter. Feel free to attend an organization’s meetings; they’re always looking for members.

Bates College Health Sciences Society

The Bates College Health Sciences Society (AKA CLUB MED) is a student organization designed as a support and information network for anyone interested in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pt, ot, nursing, physician assistant and any other field of the health sciences. Club Med plans meetings, lectures, book readings, and alumni presentations. It eagerly seeks new members. Contact: Ryan Chinn.

The Bates PUBLIC HEALTH INITIATIVE (PHI) provides students with an opportunity to engage in public health outreach both on the Bates campus and in the surrounding area. Students will experience the social, economic, cultural, and political aspects of public health through designing health education outreach programs and implementing these programs in the community. Contact: Gillian Wilcox or Reed Mzar


BATES EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES (EMS) is a Maine licensed EMS service that provides emergency care to the Bates College community. All members are volunteers that have completed the Emergency Medical Technician course and the service is entirely student run. Bates EMT’s volunteer their time to be on call and are ready to respond to any campus emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever school is in session. While on call, EMT’s carry radios to communicate with other crew members and Bates Security. Bates EMS not only provides medical care to those in need, but offer lectures and training sessions to keep their EMT skills proficient. They also sponsor blood drives for the college and hold information sessions in residences at the beginning of the year to give information about the service and campus safety. Contact: Sam Neubauer