LGBTIQQA Students Considering Law School:

Students who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, or asexual may have special concerns as they consider applying to law school that are not addressed in all materials.  Links to helpful resources are contained below.  In addition to this page, please look at News & Upcoming Events and Internships and Summer Programs. Please contact Nancy Gibson, the pre-law advisor at Bates to discuss your concerns.  She can be reached at 207-786-6232 or

The Law School Admission Council has some excellent resources for LGBT students with questions about law school.  These include:  how to determine whether a law school is welcoming of diverse sexual preferences; the decision to be out on your application and learning from LGBT students about their experiences in law school.  This information can be found on the LSAC Website under Diversity in Law School: Information for LGBT Applicants.

The National Association for Legal Career Professionals has a number of resources for LGBT students on its website which can be found here.

Every year, the National Gay and Lesbian Bar Association holds an annual conference and career fair for law students called the Lavender Law Conference.  Information about the most recent conference can be found at The NGLBA homepage can be found at .

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