Welcome, wherever you are (or are not) on your spiritual journey!

“There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” ~ Rumi

We desire all persons within the Bates community to experience the Multifaith Chaplaincy as a good place to find and create life-giving relation.

We hope and strive to be a safe harbor, a source of refreshment and renewal, a resource for growth and wisdom, a maker of connections, a giver of unqualified compassion, a gathering of justice-makers.

We are a resource for members of the Bates community who are: participants in an established religious tradition; “spiritual but not religious;” agnostic, atheist, or secular humanists; curious, radically questioning, or just unsure about sacred matters; interested in social justice opportunities and contemplative practices.

Please explore our links above to learn more about us and find ways to connect!