Campus Religious Groups

The following religious groups have official standing with the Student Government for the 2014-2015 academic year. If you are part of a tradition that is not represented in this list and you’d like to connect with other students from your tradition, let us know and we’ll do what we can to help!

Baha’i Association
Chair: Brett Emmons ’15,

Catholic Student Community
Office: Chase Hall, Room 216.
President: Kathleen Morrill ’15,
Vice President: August Folz ’17,
Treasurer: Kevin Franco ’17,
Community Service Coordinator: Patrick Tolosky ’15,

Bates Christian Fellowship
Office: Chase Hall, Room 216.
Co-President: Alyssa Morgosh ’15,
Co-President: Caroline Kern ’15,
Treasurer: Thomas Graziano ’16,
Secretary: Jalen Baker ’16,

Christian Science Organization
President: Olivia Krishnaswami ’15,
Treasurer: Colin Jamerson ’15,

Dharma Society
Buddhist meditation room located in Chase Hall.
President: Joseph Marques ’15,
Vice President: Tara Das ’16,
Treasurer: Toby Myers ’16,

Co-President: Eliza Kaplan ’15,
Co-President: Shoshana Foster ’15,
Vice President: Melissa Carp ’16, (first semester)
Vice President: Alex Tritell ’16, (second semester)
Secretary/Treasurer: Sam Glasgow ’16,
Religious Life Coordinator: Adina Brin ’15,

Members of the Bates Hillel Board.

Members of the Bates Hillel Board.

Muslim Student Association (Mushahada Association)
Muslim prayer room located in Chase Hall.
Co-President: Ghulam Awais Rana,
Co-President: Nizamuddin Ahmady ’17,
Treasurer: Zuhayr Reaz ’16,
Secretary: Zaina Ameen ’15,

Salaam Namaste
Co-President: Myriam Kelly ’15,
Co-President: Raja Junaid Jahangir ’16,
Treasurer: Henry Nguyen ’15,

Yoga Kula
Office: Chase Hall, Room 207.
President: Rachel Ryan ’15,
Co-Vice President: Ben Pardee ’15,
Co-Vice President: Michelle Devoe ’15,
Treasurer/Secretary: Haley Steinhauser ’17,