If you are wondering what a “multifaith” community is, it is a group of people who create spaces for sharing and exploring identities, perspectives, convictions, and practices. At Hearth, {Pause}, or any of the programs of the Multifaith Chaplaincy, you will meet some of these student leaders and many others who bring unique stories and perspectives. These Multifaith Fellows plan all the activities of the Multifaith Chaplaincy and below you can find a few words from each one about what they have found in this community.

2016-2017 Student Multifaith Fellows

  • jeremysmallJeremy Glover ’17 Jeremy is a senior, and comes to Bates from Cleveland, Ohio. He majors in English, and also enjoys listening to, playing, and writing music. For Jeremy, who will be acting in the role of Hearth Coordinator next Winter, the Multifaith Chaplaincy has been both a place to find and cultivate community, as well as solidify an understanding of the importance of community in his life.

I have found, among other things, an understanding and appreciation of how multifaceted faith can be and so often is.

  • sofiasmallSofia Gnabasik ’17 is a Sociology and Spanish major originally from Oak Park, IL. While she is new to the creative programming fellow’s role, throughout her time at Bates she has considered herself a close friend of the Chaplaincy and is very grateful for the strong sense of grounding and connection that the Chaplaincy and all of the people associated with it provide. In her free time Sofia loves to dance, bike and cook new recipes!
  • IMG_2735Tara Humphries ’17 Tara is a senior from North Yarmouth, Maine, studying Sociology and Spanish. She is passionate about creating spaces for students to engage in meaningful, transformative, and sometimes challenging dialogue, as well as the exchange of authentic sharing and listening, and the emotional and mental health and well being of others. You can find her running or skiing in the woods, on a yoga mat, or by the nearest coffee pot. While Tara identifies as multifaith, she feels most at home at the Unitarian Universalist church.

Through the multifaith chaplaincy I have found a community of like-minded, thoughtful, intentional, and open-minded students and adults. I have found outlets on campus to unplug and tune in to the state of my mind and heart. I have found deep listeners. I have found somewhere where I can explore the role that faith and spirituality play in my life without having ANY answers… somewhere where I’m not expected to have answers. And my favorite of all, perhaps, is that I’ve found the chaplaincy community to be somewhere where I don’t have to explain myself, who I am, what I think and believe… I can just be.

  • Brennen Malone ’17brennen malonesmall




  • Maddi McKay ’18 12191746_10204887956899042_1940226000687451322_nMaddi is a junior at Bates, and is a Studio Art and Women & Gender Studies double major from just outside Philadelphia. She works as a Stringfellow Coordinator within the Chaplaincy, and is passionate about using the arts as a means for justice and and transformative community building.


  • denaliDenali Nalamalapu ’17 Denali Nalamalapu, Multifaith Fellow, is in her senior year at Bates. Denali is an overzealous English Literature major with concentrations in Philosophy and Political Inequity. The Multifaith Chaplaincy is one of her absolute favorite spaces in the world (surpassed only by her family home in Southern India and the great city of Istanbul). She feels incredibly blessed to be a fellow and is constantly struck by the warm atmosphere created by some of the most beautiful minds and voices on campus. She looks forward to facilitating Pause every Wednesday– an event in which the values of the sacredness of silence, art, and community come alive in the candlelit Chapel.

I have found a sense of place in the Chaplaincy. A cozy, suede cushion on the Multifaith sofa that embraces me without fail. A place in a community of reflection, laughter, stillness, and life that floods me with gratitude and healing warmth. I have found what it is to love through listening fully. I have found what it is to feel love through the freedom of simply being in the most unrestrained and wholesome of ways. In the Chaplaincy, I found a home.

  • Ezra Olif-Lieberman ’18 Ezra is a junior from New Jersey ezrasmallstudying Peace and Conflict and Religious Studies, with some French and Arabic thrown in for fun. He’s passionate about community organizing, long walks in the woods, and the breakfast sandwich from Forage Market. He works as a Hearth coordinator, and can’t wait to see you there!

I have found a beautiful, inspiring community through the Multifaith Chaplaincy, full of fantastic humans, great stories, and the warmest hugs.

  • Audrey Puleio ’17 Audrey is entering into her second-semester senior year noticing the intersections between Environmental Studies and Religious Studies. Born and raised in Saco, Maine, Audrey has cultivated a home at Bates, especially within the Multifaith Chaplaincy. She is deeply grateful to have the opportunity to organize the Baccalaureate celebration as a fellow this upcoming May. Audrey is inspired by her surrounding environment of the mountains and ocean, which she goes to for nourishment and grounding.


  • Ali Rabidea10922625_10153044266747453_5513204479882061413_n (1)u ’17 Ali Rabideau is a senior studying Sociology and Gender.  She has worked with the Multifaith Chaplaincy since her first year at Bates, and is unbelievably excited for her new position as a Stringfellow-fellow for her final year.  Ali grew up in a strong Methodist community, and now credits the chaplaincy with providing space and encouragement for her to engage the long process of growing through and beyond this foundation.  Outside of her work with the chaplaincy, Ali also finds joy in the Lewiston Girl Scout troop she mentors, her work with Maine People’s Alliance, and everything outdoors.

For me, finding the Multifaith Chaplaincy was finally finding the spare moment in the whirlwind of Bates to exhale completely and intake a new breath of air – when all along I hadn’t noticed that my lungs were burning for more.

  • Keenan Shields ’18 calls many places home, namely Maine and various Scout camps. He found another when he stumbled into the Multifaith community, which has been a deep source of rejuvenation, commkeenan2smallunion, solace, silence, and warm love for him ever since. These spaces continue to be a blessing for this still-wandering soul. This fall, he will serve as a coordinator for Hearth — a bi-weekly Thursday dinner during which people join together in food, light, and exploration of queries, two questions that invite personal reflection and guide each night’s discussion. Keenan continues to identify as a searcher and one who is becoming.

Here, I have found a clearing. Below the sky, within tall trees. In the center, a flame. It has room for me and many others. It is a rare space where I am asked only to be. No obligations. No demands. Only my presence and quiet listening. I have found a space in which to hold and be held. Where breath can come, laughter can rock, and silence can still. I am a watered seed here; there is still much to uncover.

  • Alex Ulin FB_IMG_1453167781336’17 Alex enjoys the warmth and deep conversations she finds at the Bates Multifaith Chaplaincy. She is a senior biology major from Western Pennsylvania, and she comes from a Quaker background. Alex enjoys xc skiing, hiking, and swimming. This year, Alex is an interfaith table fellow.


  • Pat WoodsmallPatrick Wood’17 Patrick is a senior from Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina and Maine (it’s a long story). He has found a community of earnest and warm spiritual travelers within the Multifaith Chapliancy and hopes to keep that wonderful spirit alive through his fellowship position. He loves coffee, jogging around Lewiston, and tossing frisbees to his dog. In terms of his faith he identifies as a recovering Catholic.
I have found a community which embodies the line in the Bates mission statement “to engage the transformative power of our differences” more so than any other on campus. I’m so grateful to be a part of the office which facilitates powerful and transforming conversations daily.





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