Interfaith Engagement

Facilitated conversations on and off campus that cross boundaries of faith, religion, spirituality, and identity. In the listening and sharing we venture beyond the comfort of the familiar to honor our differences and create space for growth.

Keenan Shields ’18 and Lex Berman ’16 at  Interfaith Table

Past Interfaith Engagement Programs

Past Interfaith Engagement programming has focused on the following themes:

  • Spirituality in Community: Who’s in Your Wolf pack?
  • A Glimpse into Muslim Perspectives in our Bates Community
  • Exploring the Intersections of Spirituality and Academia at Bates
  • Spirituality in Nature
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Soul Food
  • Wrestling With Religion
  • Experiencing Religion while Studying Abroad
  • Meditation
  • Coming from an Interfaith Family

If you have an idea for Interfaith Engagement programming, please share it with us!

Interfaith Tables sometimes use the “reflecting team” format, which is described in an article about an interfaith conversation that was held as part of Open to the World: Bates Celebrates Unbounded Learning in the Fall of 2011.

Spirituality in Nature

Spirituality in Nature