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The theme for this {Pause} was “war and peace.” This brief video includes songs performed by Amna Ilyas ’13 of Faisalabad, Pakistan, and poetry read by Erica Long ’12 of Augusta, Maine.


Multifaith Fellows Denali ’17 and Brennen ’17 with Multifaith Chaplains Brittany and Raymond before {PAUSE}

Past Performers:

April 6: Gavin and Friends, Music
April 13: Dean Steidel and Chris Pelonzi, Music
March 30: Crosstones
March 23: Cash Hadean, original art pieces; Riley Hopkins and Sofi Elbadawi, dance
March 16: Lex Berman, poetry; Henry Colt and Nate Diplock, music
March 9: January River
March 2: Camille Cushman, violin
February 17: Chaesong Kim and Divyamaan Sahoo
February 10: Jorge Piccole
February 3: Maddie McKay and Ezra Oliff-Lieberman
January 27: Patrick Nelson ’18
January 13: Becky Schwartz ’17, flute
Dec. 9: Lexie Mucci and Crystal, music
Dec. 2: Samreen
Nov. 18: Zaynab Tawill, poetry
Nov. 11: Justin Demers and Montana Hirsch
Nov. 4: Nick Mucci, poetry, Nicole Pelonzi, music, Denali reading responses to the question- What does your resume not say about you?
Oct. 28: Robert Farnsworth, poetry and Jackson Whitehouse ’17, music
Oct. 14: Alise Amador ’18 and Louise Marks ’18, singing and Hannah “Woods” Fairchild ’18, dance
Oct. 7: Bridget Feldmann ’16, Sacha Zabotin ’16, Julia Dunn ’16, poetry and singing
Sept. 30: Emilio Valadez ’18, piano
Sept. 23: Kelsey Berry ’16 and Maddie McLean ’17, singing
Sept. 16: Becky Schwartz ’17, flute and Fatima Saidi ’17, poetry
Sept. 9: Divyamaan Sahoo ’17 and Ian Clarkson ’18, piano and bass

Please contact our {Pause} Coordinators if you would like to perform at {Pause}! We welcome musical performers, poetry readers, dancers, and more. We’d also like to experiment more with showing visual art. – Denali NalamalapuBrennen Malone