Off-campus Study


Can chemistry majors study abroad?

Yes, we have many chemistry majors who have studied abroad.

How do they do it?

Generally students who study abroad do so by completing CHEM 107/108; CHEM 217/218: CHEM 212; CHEM 215; MATH 105/106; PHYS 107/108 by the end of their sophomore year.

Can I take chemistry courses abroad and have them count towards the major?

It depends. Generally when students study in a country where instruction is not in English, they find it easier not to take chemistry courses. Chemistry courses from English speaking countries can be transferred but it requires that the student get the syllabus and textbook before the course can be approved. There is limited flexibility in chemistry in terms of what courses can substitute for other courses because many courses serve as prerequisites for other courses and because there are often discipline-wide expectations about course content.

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