The requirements for chemistry majors include core courses and electives.

The core requirements:

    1. all the following core courses: 107A, 108A, 212, 215, 217, 218, 301
    2. either of the following, taken as a core course: 302 or 310
    3. either of the following, taken as a core course: s37 or s42
    4. 457 or 458 or both

Elective Courses:

Majors take two chemistry courses numbered 200 or above (s37 or s42 may be taken if not used to fulfill the core major requirements). When satisfying the elective requirements, two restrictions apply. First, one course may not serve as both a core course and an elective. Second, independent study courses (360 or s50) cannot be used to satisfy elective requirements. Course selections depend upon the goals and interests of the student. All students preparing for graduate study or for a position in the chemical industry should take the advanced courses in their specific area of interest. Courses in mathematics and physics are prerequisites for some of the advanced courses in chemistry.

ACS Accreditation:

In order to earn an ACS accredited major, students must also take Chem 321 (may count as an elective) and both 457 and 458.