Ali H. Akhtar

  • 207-786-6479
  • Religious Studies
  • Assistant Professor
  • Hedge Hall, Room 212
  • Classical and Medieval Studies

Dr. Akhtar is an historian of government, religion, and philosophy, focusing on Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East in the medieval and early modern periods. His research is oriented around questions of power and authority in the history of political legitimacy, religious authority, and authority associated with the transmission of philosophical and scientific knowledge. Dr. Akhtar’s work also examines the intersection of Islamic, Christian, and Jewish intellectual history in the context of medieval Mediterranean political and economic exchanges. He is currently completing a manuscript on the political and religious controversy over Greek-Arabic philosophy and mysticism (Sufism) in the history of medieval Spain, Sicily, and Egypt. Dr. Akhtar is teaching a new course at Bates in the fall titled “Islam, Christianity, and Judaism of the Middle East and North Africa.”

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