Accounting Information

Accounting helps clubs by tracking their account activity – sending a monthly report to each club treasurer – and by enabling club leaders to access their account in order to pay for events/programs and activities. Accounting is located on the second floor of Lane Hall in room 221.

Cash Advances

One way that your club can pay for its events is by taking out a cash advance from accounting. Withdrawing a cash advance involves requesting an amount of money below $150.00, and then being given physical cash. You can then spend that cash on whatever supplies you need, and you will return all unused cash and receipts as proof of purchase to Accounting. You will also need a completed and signed Payment Request form. If your club account does not have the appropriate funds you will not be allowed to withdraw a cash advance. For more information on cash advances please see the Student Club Handbook or the link to the Accounting website.


Another way that you club can access its funds is through reimbursement. If you spend personal money for an event/program that your club is sponsoring, you can submit a Payment Request form along with receipts (as proof of purchase) to Accounting. Accounting will withdraw money from your club account to reimburse you. If your club account does not have the appropriate funds you will not be reimbursed. For more information on reimbursements please see the Student Club Handbook or the link above to the Accounting website.


The forms that you will use most often as a club are located here.