TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

Your time is valuable – below key information has been summarized from different sections of the club handbook all in one place. However, if you are seeking more information about a topic, take the time to read through the complete club handbook and its wealth of information.

Starting a New Club

Application Process

Criteria for Club Approval

  • There are rules that all BCSG-recognized clubs must follow.
  • You should take a moment to read all the rules in the club handbook – they aren’t that long!

Annual Club Renewal and Budget Application

  • In order for your club to continue to be BCSG-recognized, each academic year you must submit a Club Renewal and Budget Application.
  • The application opens February 1st and closes the second Monday of March at 11:59pm.
  • The Budget Application consists of a Narrative and a Spreadsheet. (links to sample documents can be found in the club handbook)
  • If budget allocations are not to a club’s satisfaction there is an appeal process.
  • Budget allocations should be considered the “starting balance” for your club account, and are not the limit of funds available to your club for the year.

Managing Your Club Account

  • You must always complete a Payment Request Form or a Travel Expense Report based on your expense.
  • There are a variety of store credit cards available for check out from the Bates College Store that will charge your club account directly.
  • If your club has the appropriate funds you can withdraw money from your account through the Accounting Office to pay for a club expense (cash advance), or you can take on the expense with your own funds and be refunded afterwards from your club’s account (reimbursement).
  • Always keep your receipts.

Funding Sources

Student Fundraising Guidelines

Event/Program Planning

Roles and Responsibilities

  • There are a wide variety of professionals who support student events/programs, and it’s likely that you’ll see them at yours.

Sample Event/Program Planning and Execution Timelines

  • Every event/program is different – these staffing structures and timelines are provided as guidance for what to expect during the event/program planning process. Yours may differ (or not!) based on the needs of your specific event/program.
  • Allow enough time for planning to take place, based on the scale of your event – the earlier you plan, the better!


  • Never sign a contract yourself; submit contracts for review by Campus Life staff via the Contract Review Form.
  • Having Campus Life review your contract protects you, your club, and the College from potential legal and/or financial ramifications.
  • Once a contract has been reviewed and executed, take it with the W-9 and Certificate of Insurance (if necessary) to Accounting in Lane Hall 221.

Movie/TV Screenings and Copyright

These bullets do not cover all of the basics – if you still have questions, look no further than the Club Handbook. Use the table of contents to jump directly to sections that you are interested in.