Appeals Process

Those who wish to appeal a decision made by the Budgets & Clubs Board (BCB) may submit a written request and the reasons for the appeal to BCB (by emailing within seven days of the date of BCB’s original decision.

  • Your group shall have a hearing with BCB within fourteen days after the appeal (your written request) has been received.
  • Upon closure of the hearing, if there is at least 40% minority vote of BCB in favor of the proposed club, the club’s application materials will be brought before the BCSG Assembly at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Before Assembly ratification, a member of the BCB who voted within the majority will submit a report of the majority’s reservations to the Assembly before the final decision is made.
  • Assuming all of the above has occurred and the proposal is brought forward to the Assembly, a majority vote is required for ratification, as always.