Graduation Pledge of Social Responsibility

In keeping with Bates’ history of commitment to a just and civil society, a group of Bates seniors has created the “Graduation Pledge of Social Responsibility,” inviting all in the class to sign.

I choose to recognize the privilege that
comes with receiving a Bates education
and the power, skills, experiences, and
resources that this education and degree
afford me.

I accept the responsibility that
comes with this power and privilege
and choose to pursue a life
that promotes the following:

Social Justice

Striving to create a safe, respectful
and more inclusive community
that promotes equal opportunities.


A space in which people interact
with one another with mutual respect.


A critical awareness of our actions
and how they reverberate throughout
our local and global communities.

Environmental Sustainability

Conscientiously consuming,
in order to ensure the existence
of all sentient beings
as well as the Earth
for future generations.