Report of Clicking

These reports review key analytics data for over the fiscal year. They include information about our users and their behavior, analysis of the role our site navigation, structure and content played in their visits, and goals for enhancements to the site that could improve our users’ experience down the line. The data was collected using Google Analytics and analyzed by the Bates Communications Office (BCO).

Primary Bates Wordmark Downloads

Bates wordmark files in EPS and JPG format

Bates logos, or wordmarks, are available for download in EPS (encapsulated PostScript) and JPG format. For projects that will be printed, use the EPS file. For digital presentations use the JPG file. They may be placed directly into page layout or word processing documents. Since EPS is a vector format, you may scale the logos to any size you may require.

Click on a logo below to download the file. Save the file to disk, and choose a directory to save the file to. Note: a strange bug in IE6/WIN causes the browser to use the file extension .ps. This will cause the file to be saved improperly. Be sure to use the correct file extension .eps.

EPS files

JPG files

To add the Bates logo to your email signature, you can download it by clicking on the following image.

You can also link to it here if using Gmail.

Bates Bobcat Download

Primary marks (PDF files)


Primary marks (EPS files)

Primary marks (JPG files)

Secondary marks (PDF files)

Secondary marks (EPS files)

Secondary marks (JPG files)

Homepage Images

You can see and download all images that have appeared on the homepage.