Event Recording for Faculty and Staff

Event recording is scheduled by the office of Conferences and Campus Events in conjunction with the Bates Digital Media Studios. You can request a Bates event be recorded by selecting the “Record My Event” option when setting up an event through Bates EMS.

If you need to record an off-campus academic event or in-class lecture (i.e. the recording will occur inside a regularly scheduled class period), please contact the DMS directly at digitalmedia@bates.edu. All other requests must go through the Events Office.


Bates cannot record content without the permission of the speakers and performers in the recording. To record any visiting lecturers, guests, and performers, we require signed releases prior to the recording. We will cancel any recordings that do not have adequate releases 24 hours prior to the event. Learn more.



What is the DMS role in recording?

Where does my recording go?

What are my recording options?

What type of quality should I expect?


Additional Questions

If you have general questions about professional video production at Bates, please contact the Digital Media Services office at digitalmedia@bates.edu

If you have questions about a specific event, please contact the Events Office.