Imaging Lab




The Imaging Lab is an image acquisition facility containing a microscope suite and a digital photography studio. The microscope suite houses four optical microscopes with dedicated digital cameras and image capture software. Three of the microscopes are in individual light-tight labs, and one is housed within a Faraday cage to reduce electrical noise. The fourth microscope is in a prep area which also contains a laminar flow hood and incubator. The digital photography studio contains scanning and printing stations, and a shooting area equipped with a digital camera, a seamless photographic background, and tungsten studio lights. The Center’s printing capabilities include two large-format printers for jobs ranging from conference posters to exhibition-quality prints. Smaller format photo-quality printers are also available.

The Imaging Lab is also home to the Center’s Dimension SST 1200es 3D printer. This printer is used exclusively for academic projects. Please contact Kai if you are interested in learning more about this technology.