FAQ about Event Recording @ Bates

What is the DMS role in recording?

The DMS works with both the Events Office and your assigned videographer to ensure you get the highest quality video for your needs. Our staff will also edit your video and help you with delivery options (see Where does my recording go?).

We’re excited to partner with the Events Office to ensure you get the best experience possible.

What Are My Recording Options?

When you request an event to be recorded on EMS, you will have two options:

  • Video and Audio
  • Audio Only

Most people select the Video and Audio option, but the Audio Only option is there for those that need it.

Recording Quality

Our default recording quality is archival. Our professional crews will use broadcast quality (high definition) equipment and natural and event lighting to capture your event. The quality of these archival recordings are good enough for use in class or as a historical record of the event.

However, if you’re recording this event for something more than posterity – for example, you plan to use this video as a marketing tool – you may want to request quality that is better than archival. We call this “full production” because it will require additional cameras, additional crew and often more lighting, backdrops, etc. It is very important you notify the Events Office when you want a recording that is better quality than archival. To achieve “full production”, changes may need to be made to your event to account for the extra gear and room required by our crews.

To clear up any confusion: we use the same cameras and recording equipment for full production vs. archival quality. When you request full production, you’re really requesting a higher attention to detail, not better equipment. With that higher attention to detail, you’re also asking for a larger potential disruption to your event, so it’s something you don’t want to request unless you really need it.

Additional Questions

If you have general questions about professional video production at Bates, please contact the Digital Media Services office at digitalmedia@bates.edu