Hiring “Assignment”

The most important role of the Digital Media Guide is understanding Final Cut Pro X and Handbrake – the two pieces of software used most frequently in the Digital Media Studios 121 lab.

This assignment is designed to both gauge employee experience and as refresher for those with experience. An employee must complete the assignment prior to being scheduled for work.


In this assignment, you will create a video “essay”.

The video essay is a single, 2 minute video file that contains one or more of each of the following elements:

1. Still image

2. A 30 second clip from a commercial produced DVD.

3. A 30 second clip from online

4. A voiceover (as recorded by you)

5. A music clip

6. Title and credits

The essay can be about any subject and requires no cohesive theme or coherent story. This is purely to assess your understanding of Final Cut X, Handbrake and additional DMS Services.

The video essay should be edited in Final Cut X and the FCPX library should be located in your personal XSAN folder (I’ve created one for you).

It should take you, start to finish, no more than 30 minutes. If it takes longer, you’re taking it too seriously!

You absolutely can ask me for help. You can also ask friends.

You can also check out this help-sheet for some guidance on DVD “reformatting”.

When you are finished, export a Quicktime file, name it Final Test and save it inside your XSAN folder. Next, please email me and let me know you’re finished.

You will be paid for the time, but for no more than 1 hour (so please don’t take longer than that! This shouldn’t be a painful thing!).