Heather McArdle ’07

Heather McArdle came to Bates from NYC for the Fall semester as Resident Scholar/Artist. She taught (270 Rep Styles) and choreographed a piece for the Fall Concert.

Bio: A native Californian, Heather began her movement career with gymnastics. She graduated from Cal State University Long Beach with a BFA in dance. Her most influential mentors include Keith Johnson, Jacques Heim & most notably Bella Lewitzky. She joined the professional world of dance with the hyper physical dance troupe Diavolo Dance Theater. Heather has spent the past five years traveling around the world with Bill Young, and has been working for David Dorfman for the past three plus years. She is on faculty at Dance New Amsterdam and teaches residencies in NY and around the country. Heather has been presenting her own solo choreographic works at loft showings in NYC and random Brooklyn spaces. Blueprintviolation is her latest group project that involves a troupe of eclectic artists from all corners of the world. In addition to the performing and teaching Heather also does costume work for most of the companies she works for as well for this show and her own company. She is also certified in hatha vinyasa yoga. http://www.blueprintviolation.org