Reformatting Services

The DMS can help you convert media to a format of your choosing.

Some of the legacy and current formats we work with include:

Quicktime/Flash/MPEG - DV – MiniDV – DVD – CD – Cassette – MP3

The first DVD/CD copy is free. Additional copies (of non-copyrighted material) can be produced at $5 each.

Please keep in mind:

* We cannot duplicate copyrighted materials for you. However, we can and will convert limited segments of copyrighted material for in-class, conference or other educational uses. We can then produce a DVD or provide authenticated video hosting at no cost (some restrictions apply, please discuss with our staff).

* If you or your department owns a VHS tape (note: you cannot convert material that has been borrowed from the library, ILL, or any other institution) and you need the entire video for classroom use, our staff will gladly provide instruction so that you can convert the tape yourself using our professional equipment.

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