Event Recording

In response to your feedback asking for more flexibility and quality in the taping of events CTES has developed the following guidelines for event recording.

The CTES professional staff will arrange for all taping requests; this may require that the recording of some events be outsourced.

  • The sponsoring organization or department will request the recording and appoint a contact person for the Digital Media Staff. All discussion of video recording will then occur with this contact person. This contact should be present at the recording to answer any questions and receive the finished product.
  • We require two weeks notice for all recording requests. This lead-time is needed to schedule outside contractors and/or locate equipment.This support may include setup and/ or operation of more complex systems such as, lighting and microphones. Advanced planning is extremely important and this is why we ask for two weeks notice. Faculty and staff should request services directly through the Digital Media Studios website. The DMC will determine if outsourcing is appropriate and make all necessary arrangements.
  • Requestors are responsible to ensure proper time allotments in event venues. Spaces must be reserved for a minimum one hour prior and one hour post event for equipment set up and breakdown.
  • Requestors are responsible for all copy write and permissions pertaining to the presenters, guests and presentations.
  • The events requestor has up until 48 business hours prior to the event to make changes to their request.

After reading the above guidelines, click here to make your request.