Harvest of Thrones

Harvest Dinner – Dining Commons – Wednesday November 15th

Greetings traveler, I hope you have made it here unseen.   As you know, Daenerys has been searching frantically for her missing dragon eggs, which we believe we may have found.  I received a note from a raven that a chest has been discovered in House Commons at the manager’s station. Rumor has it that the  Warlocks of Bowdoin have placed a magical spell on the chest . We cannot get it open!  We need your help!  The magical lock contains a 4 digit code which is located somewhere on campus.  I’ve sent my little birds out to gather information.  I expect the first of my three birds to return on Wednesday, November 8th with a clue to where the code may be.  Check back here on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to get the 3 clues you will need for this adventure.



Ahhh yes, here we are my friends on our third and final day.  Surely you will be able to put the 3 clues together to help solve this mystery.

Find Sir Joe or Sir Kevin of House Commons, both of whom are experts on all kinds of eggs.  Introduce yourself to one of them.  They will provide you with the third and final clue to solve the mystery of where the magic code is hidden.

By this time you may have all you need to crack the code.  If you think you have the correct 4 digit number that will unlock the chest of dragon eggs click here and give it a try.  There is only 1 shot at this, so hopefully you have done your homework.  Good Luck!

Contest Rules:

The first 4 students to submit the correct 4 digit code will be contacted on Monday, November 13th to pick up their prizes.

Good Luck!