Online Napkin Board

Complementing the original Napkin Board (located in Commons), the online Napkin Board makes communication between students, faculty, and staff and Bates Dining easier and more convenient.

Online Napkin Board submissions are reviewed, and commented on, by Cheryl Lacey, Director of Dining Services.

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Cupcake vs. Cake

Napkin posted April 5, 2017

Hello, I was wondering why there is no more mojito cupcakes, but…

Weekend Morning Options

Napkin posted April 5, 2017

Hello Napkin! I was wondering if there would be any way to…

Salad at Vegan

Napkin posted April 5, 2017

I love the carrot salad with coconut chips, walnut and raisin at…

Plea of the late dinner

Napkin posted April 5, 2017

Hi there, Thanks for all you do. I’m reaching out to talk…

Whole Milk Option

Napkin posted April 5, 2017

Hi, I’d really want to express my appraciation for the whole-milk yogurt…

Cereal Rotation

Napkin posted March 29, 2017

Hi! I’m a senior looking to do the famed cereal challenge before…