A shiny surprise

The pecan toffee squares are absolutely delicious!
However, the other day, I unfortunately came across a piece of wire sticking out of my dessert. The only explanation I could think of for this was that maybe the baking pans are washed out with wire scraping brushes and a piece of wire broke off?… Anyways, it was quite frightening and I’m hoping that I was the only person who had this issue. Maybe the pans could be double checked after cleaning? Or maybe we could get some new cleaning brushes?



Please accept my sincerest apologies and know that the issue has been corrected. It was not that the baking sheets were washed with a wire brush, rather a knife with a broken tip was used to cut the squares causing shards of metal to be stripped off the pan. At the Dining Town meeting yesterday we discussed the situation and the importance of not using broken equipment.




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